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Summer Fashion for Seniors: Stay Stylish and Comfortable

Which adjectives best describe your wardrobe this summer? Frumpy and fogey-ish? Or fashionable and fabulous? 
Sure, it’s pretty clear you’ve, um…matured well past the age of, how shall we say, the bare midriff. But, that doesn’t mean you are doomed to a future of muumuus and mom jeans. This is your time to shine and though you’ve gladly left certain things – like job and carpool – behind, there is no need to abandon your inner fashionista.
In short: You still got it. You just have to figure out how to flaunt it in a way that makes you hip and cool, but also comfortable. Translation: When contemplating summer fashion for seniors, it may be time to jettison the stilettos.
Fashion over 55 does not come without its challenges. The fashion industry is obsessed with youth and walking into a trendy boutique can often feel like entering a time warp.
Here are a few pointers to help you integrate the past and present to celebrate the wonderful you of today.
Look Past the Models
Unfortunately, older men and women are not well represented in the modeling world. So, chances are when you are thumbing through a magazine looking for potential summer outfits for seniors, the faces and bodies staring back at you are decades younger than you. It may give the impression that the clothing is not “age appropriate.” Fashion consultants encourage seniors to ignore the model and focus on the outfit. If the clothing is visually appealing to you, consider whether the style would work for your body type.
Bye Bye Baggy
A muumuu makes a great bathing suit coverup. But as a go-to outfit, it does send a fairly obvious message. You don’t have to wear anything tight and slinky, but there is a middle ground. Garments with a defined shape are much more flattering than maxi dresses with no waistline - ie, the aforementioned muumuu. Baggy overalls and pull-on pants are also in the uncool category. Once you determine the shape that looks best for your physique, you can dress to enhance it.
Find Your True Colors
Fashion over 55, for both men and women, is about staying true to yourself. If you have always had a personal style, stick with it. Experts advise older adults to pay less attention to trends and focus on an updated version of what has always worked. At this stage, understatement is the key. Stick with your basic style but adapt color schemes and prints to focus on making one strong statement at a time.
Accessories, Accessories
Never underestimate the power of great accessories. So, don’t throw out that chunky necklace you’ve always loved. But do pair it with a lovely pair of fitted jeans and a crisp white blouse. Simple and elegant, you are ready to go anywhere.
Stock Up on the Basics
You don’t need a ton of clothes to navigate active adulthood. You just need the right ones. Summer fashion for seniors should include staples like a black blazer, a white button-down shirt, neutral-colored cardigans for cold air-conditioned spaces, a couple of V-neck tops with elbow-length sleeves, a pair of dark wash jeans, and T-shirts with varying sleeve lengths. 
Book a tour at one of Overture’s premier communities today. Once you’ve made the decision to rightsize, your fashion choices will be easy: Pack only the clothes you wear to enjoy life.

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