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Staycation Ideas for Seniors

Some people think nothing of flying off to far-flung corners of the globe for their vacations, but others prefer to stay closer to home, especially in their senior years. Sometimes, the desire for a “staycation” is health-related. Other times, it’s financial, while other times, it’s because people don't want the hassle of organizing and taking lengthy vacations. Overture apartments are home to both types of vacationers. Here's a list of popular staycation ideas for those who prefer short jaunts to long travel. 

Things to Do on a Staycation

Visit Local Tourist Attractions

It’s easy to take our hometowns and cities for granted, so you may not have visited your local tourist attractions and sights. Try looking at your town or city with an outsider’s eyes for things you’d want to do if you were an out-of-towner. Perhaps there’s an art gallery, farmers’ market, or local festival you’ve always wanted to visit but never had the time. Look for new restaurants, locations, and events you haven’t experienced yet, give them a go, and maybe buy a few souvenirs while you’re at it.

Indulge Yourself with a Spa Day

Spa days are popular staycation activities because they’re so versatile. Depending on what you want, you could book a weekend stay at a local spa, make an appointment with a massage therapist, or pick up some face masks, mani-pedi supplies, and terry cotton bathrobes for a spa day at home. Don’t forget the wine and snacks.

Movie Festivals

Streaming services make it easy to host your own movie festivals. Pick a theme for your festival and invite some friends over for popcorn and drinks. Your movie festival doesn’t have to be highbrow--watching Orson Welles movies is excellent, but so is revisiting the spaghetti westerns of the 1970s or having a 1950s B-movie marathon. It’s your festival; you pick the movies!

Explore a New Cuisine

Sampling local food is one of the great joys of traveling. Local restaurants offer plenty of staycation ideas if you want the food without the plane ride. Spend a weekend sampling French, Japanese, or Creole cuisine, or take a cooking course and prepare your own meals. Cooking new cuisine often means searching for the right ingredients, which can be an adventure in itself. 

Take a Day Trip

Too often, we think vacationing means spending nights away from home, which isn’t true. Day trips are fantastic staycation ideas. Hop into the car or take the train to a nearby attraction, spend the day exploring, and return home to the comfort of your own bed instead of a hotel room. At Overture Senior Apartments, our organized day trips are some of our most popular activities. 

Take a Virtual Tour

The Internet makes it possible to see famous sights without leaving home. Google Arts and Culture collaborates with thousands of museums, art galleries, and attractions to provide virtual tours. If you prefer the great outdoors, YouTube live cams allow you to watch animals visit African water holes or hang out by fish-filled coral reefs, all in real-time. 

Learn Something New

Vacations expose people to new experiences—new food, different cultures, and new ways of seeing the world. Bring the joy of learning to your staycation by taking a course or learning a new skill. There are no end of classes you can take in person or online, so if you always wanted to learn to play the banjo or how to paint, add the experience to your list of staycation activities

Staycation Activities at Overture Apartments

Overture senior apartments offer 55+ living in comfortable, well-designed apartment units with resort-level amenities. Our community events include many staycation activities, including wellness classes, yoga, day trips, water aerobics, and more. Overture apartments' exact amenities and activities vary depending on location, so check our Overture Apartments Near Me page to see what you can expect at your nearest vibrant, welcoming 55+ community.

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