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​How to Safely Move into an Active Adult Community During a Pandemic

Safely Move

In the best of times, isolation can overwhelm older adults living in single family homes. The pandemic has exacerbated the problem into a crisis of epic proportions. Driven indoors, too many seniors are cut off from social interaction and the support of even close family members. Never have older adults needed a spirit of community more. 


Active Adult Communities: Together Apart

Focused on fostering that sense of belonging and shared experience, active adult communities are the port in the proverbial storm, providing a haven for seniors that is both safe and inclusive. With poolside get togethers, happy hours, or creative classes, it’s all about having fun together while staying safely apart.


You may be just now pondering your rightsizing options. Or, you may have already made the decision to embrace the peace of mind active adult living provides. Either way, now is the time to address the moving van in the room: How does one safely move during a pandemic? Here are some safe moving tips to help get you on the road to the stress free, maintenance free lifestyle that awaits.


Finding the Right Moving Company

Your first and most important step toward your active adult future is finding a moving company who prioritizes your safety. As you vet your choices, ask frank, direct questions. 

-- Do the movers clean trucks and all equipment between moves? 

-- Are they actively monitoring the health of their employees? 

-- Are the movers supplied with masks, gloves and hand sanitizer? 

-- Do they practice conscientious social distancing? 


If the answers to any of these questions do not satisfy you, move on to the next. You still want to make sure your movers will protect your stuff, but these days you also want to make sure you share the same attitude toward protecting your health. Ask if they have any recommendations for how you can help make the move as safe and smooth as possible.


Say "No Thank You" to Family

Your family may want to help you move, but it’s probably best to keep your kids, grandkids and nannies out of the picture. Though they have the best intentions, the fewer people onsite during the move, the less interaction anybody will have with the movers and the more space the professionals will have to do their job.  


Packing and Unpacking

In normal times, you might have had movers pack and unpack your belongings. For now, to limit contact and exposure, you might be more comfortable handing it yourself. If you do choose to have the movers pack for you, you might want to let the boxes sit in the garage for a few days before unpacking.


Tips for Moving to Another State

If the active adult community of your dreams is in another state, be sure to find a company that specializes in long distance moves and does not subcontract out the work. It’s best to book the move at least a month in advance as companies need more time to execute covid protocols between long hauls.  


Finding Your Active Adult Community

Overture’s team of caring experts are standing by to guide you through your selection process and ensure your move-in experience is both safe and seamless. From virtual tours of our communities, to strict adherence to CDC disinfection guidelines, Overture is going the extra mile to ensure your new living space is a comfortable, healthy environment in which to begin this exciting new chapter of your life.

Overture’s COVID-conscious protocols include:
1. Personal phone calls with each incoming new resident detailing all current move in policies.
2. 14-day self-quarantining for incoming residents either before or after the move.
3. Carefully coordinated individual move in timeframes.
4. Apartments will be empty and ventilated for 24-hours between outgoing and incoming residents.
5. One elevator clearly marked as the designated move-in elevator. Upon completion of the move, that elevator will remain open for at least an hour to facilitate ventilation. It will then be cleaned and disinfected before use.
6. Requirement for movers to wear masks and gloves at all times.
7. For their safety and the safety of their neighbors, new residents will be asked to follow all safety protocols in place, like limiting the number of visitors to only those that are essential.

Contact the Overture premier community of your choice. Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying the freedom that comes with peace of mind about your present and future —and wondering why you waited so long!


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